Monday, May 21, 2012

April sales report

April was my 19th month selling ebooks. I haven't posted a sales report in a few months. Work has been very busy, and I've been trying to concentrate on writing more. Plus, my sales declining quite a bit, which doesn't make reporting on them any fun. ;)

As you can see from the graphs below, my sales are dropping down to about the same level as February of last year. What's causing this decline? It might be my infrequent publishing schedule, a different Amazon ranking algorithm, increased competition, or some other cause. Whatever the case, I'm hoping that it turns around when I publish the sequel to Dead Dwarves Don't Dance later this year. Until then, I expect to have a pretty lean year, as sales will probably decline even more during the summer months.

How about you? How are your sales doing compared to last year? Am I the only one seeing these declines? Let me know in the comments.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dead Dwarves Don't Dance now available in paperback

Want a paperback edition of Dead Dwarves Don't Dance? Just click here for the $9.99 trade paperback!

Noose, a genetically engineered dwarf mercenary, barely survives a terrorist attack on a neohuman dance club. Injured and alone, he embarks on a brutal quest for vengeance into the squalid underbelly of the Regional Atlanta Metroplex, through the desert wasteland of the not-so-pristine wilderness, and to the peerless towers of elite society.

The year is 2134. The nations of previous centuries are gone, consumed by the United Globe government. Citizens are confined to vast metroplexes while the rest of Earth is restored to wilderness. Neohumans are grown in vats, each type genetically engineered to serve humanity – flawless pleasers for gratification and ecstasy, hulking goons for war and violence, accidental psykers wreaking havoc, and more of any shape and size imaginable.

An action-packed, hard-boiled science fiction novel of redemption and revenge.

Praise for Dead Dwarves Don't Dance:

"cyberpunk action worth reading"

"Louis L'Amour meets Philip K. Dick"

"of the style of a Schwarzenegger or Stallone movie"

"excellent characters in a riveting world"

"difficult to put down"

"very fun and quick read"

"Fantastic action!"
"Action at it's best"

Monday, May 14, 2012

Where Magic Reigns now in paperback!

Where Magic Reigns, book 2 of the Tales of Zura is now available in paperback!

You can buy it here.

After their harrowing adventures in The Elemental Odyssey, four twelve-year-olds find themselves on a strange alien world. No grown-ups, no park rangers, no policemen, no soldiers. They are utterly alone and at the mercy of the furious perils that teem in the jungles of Zura.

As they flee across soaring islands in the sky, Kyle Morgan, Jürgen Schmidt, Susie Five Eagles, and Veeksha Das meet several different kinds of Zurans. But these aren’t the familiar and furry creatures that invaded Earth. These are scaly reptiles, small and large, but all hungry.

Unfortunately for the kids, on Zura humans are made out of food.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dead Dwarves sequel writing report

Despite getting a cold today, I managed to write another 10,000 words on the sequel to Dead Dwarves Don't Dance this weekend. Looks like I'm finally back in the groove.

Hopefully, I can get 1,000 words each day after work, and around 10,000 on the weekends. Maybe I can get a first draft done in a month or two.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Expendables 2 trailer = WOW!

2012 is going to get a whole fistful of the 1980s!!!

I'm a huge 80s action film fan, and this Expendables 2 trailer is, to quote Margaret Thatcher, "HOLY FREAKING AWESOME!"

Van Damme

August 17

Be there!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Where Magic Reigns paperback cover

Here's the cover design for the paperback version of Where Magic Reigns. It'll be available on Amazon in a few weeks.

What do you think?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dead Dwarves Don't Dance paperback cover

I just finished the cover design for the paperback version of Dead Dwarves Don't Dance. What do you think?

Paperback version should be available in a few weeks.