Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Riddles!


It's October and time for some Halloween Riddles! I just published my fourth riddle book, and you can get it here for just 99 cents.

Sixty more rhyming riddles are in this book, and each one has something to do with Halloween.

Why not keep the book by the door and give a double candy serving to the trick-or-treaters who correctly answer a riddle?

Or, why not have a riddle contest after you've snagged your candy haul? Every correct answer lets you pick a piece of candy from your friend's sack!

Or, keep the riddles handy for your Halloween party! I'm sure you can come up with some appropriate prizes for that!

Here are just a few examples of the riddles you'll find in this book:


Riddle #2

You hide behind it while in plain sight

To fool your friends and give a fright


Riddle #41

Skinny as a stick

With straw in my skirt

I’m a witch's ally

But the enemy of dirt


Riddle #51

Filling corners, spanning gaps

We're lethal and beautiful traps

Wispy yet strong, we really stick around

Hanging lifeless our victims are found

A patchwork of people

Sewn up tight

Lumbering about

Causing a fright

Born of lightning

To a madman's delight

So many scars

He's an imposing sight

Returned from death

Full of fury and might

Misunderstood and despised

Suffering the outcast's plight

Rousing villagers

Wielding torches alight


You can find the answers in Halloween Riddles – Rhyming Riddles #4.
The cover art was created by Jay Brant over at Headsup Studios. He's got some great stuff, and you should check him out. He's working on updating my Christmas Riddle book cover next and I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.