Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Experimenting with allowing PW ads on my blog

As you can see to the right, I’ve put up an ad banner on my blog. This is an experiment. I wanted to see if I could make any extra money to help support my writing addiction.
Here’s how you can get your ad to show up over on the right:
1.    Go to and create an account.
2.    Create a skyscraper banner 160x600 pixels in size, and upload it to Project Wonderful.
3.    Create an ad on Project Wonderful using the skyscraper banner.
4.    Come back here and click on the text beneath the Paid Advertising banner to the right ("Your ad here, right now").
5.    On the bidding page, under Bid here, enter an amount you’d be willing to pay, per day, to see your ad show up on my blog. Then click Place Bid.
6.    I am going to approve each bid, because I only want books and authoring ads to appear. This might take a few hours or even until the next day. UPDATE: Unfortunately, there are not a lot of book/author advertisers out there yet. So, I'll open up the ads to some other stuff. Comics, at least. Those are stories. ;)
7.    After I have approved your ad, if you have outbid everyone else who is currently bidding, your ad will appear on my blog. Your ad will stay there until someone outbids your maximum bid.
8.    Anyone who clicks on your ad will be taken to the URL you specified when you created the ad in Project Wonderful.
9.    You can pause or cancel the ad at any time. You can get reports to see how the ad is doing, including impressions and clicks per day.
Every month I’ll report on how this experiment is going.

I just activated this ad space, so there is no traffic data yet. But, that will start showing up pretty soon. I get up to 450 pageviews per day. Here's my daily blog pageviews (impressions) since December 14th.

If you need help creating a skyscraper banner, let me know and I can do it for you. Just send me a high-resolution copy of the image you want to use. Also tell me what text you want on it. I'll send you back the banner ad which you can use anywhere you want. No charge. But, I'd appreciate it if you bought each one of my 3 books. :)

Here are some banners I've created for my books:


  1. I'll be interested to see what happens with your advertising. Don't you have to have lots of traffic to make any money?

  2. PJ, yeah. That's why this is an experiment. I don't expect to make too much on this. But, it can help pay for my own advertising. Other PW publishers with around 500 pageviews per day can get around $0.40 per day.

  3. I'm a fool for banners. Sometimes I think I write books just so I'll have a reason to create banners to promote them. I'm not right at all.
    That spot has decent visibility. I may be back with a banner, by golly.

    Mark LaFlamme

  4. Thanks, Mark! You'll be getting it for a bargain price as the first bidder, probably 1 cent. I should be able to retire soon after. :)
    But, seriously, I hope you get some good clicks from it.

  5. Derek, I would probably do this at some point in the future, but right now I don't think it would make sense for me to advertise my children's book here. I do think this is a good idea for you and hope it pans out.

  6. I'm definitely interested in buying your adspace :) My cover artist is also making a banner ad, so I may be back to snap it up!

    J. E. Medrick

  7. You might do better selling directly to interested parties for a flat $20 a month or some such.

    Good luck though!

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