Monday, December 19, 2011

Just in time for Christmas! Christmas riddle book!

Yep, another riddle book. I wrote a bunch of riddles while on vacation, including a big red sackful themed for Christmas!

In Derek’s Rhyming Riddles Book #2 Christmas Riddles, you’ll find another 60 riddles to puzzle through. The answer for every single one has something to do with Christmas. Here are just a few samples:

Riddle #1

Visiting your house with a star in my cap
Boxes at my feet already in wrap
Bracelets abound
Tinsel all round
Flip the switch to make everyone clap

Riddle #28

Gaggling on the ground
Wedging far above
If you take a gander
He’s the one we love

Riddle #57
Christ in a manger
Outside your home
Joseph and Mary
Displacing your gnome

So, if you like riddles, rhymes, trivia, crossword puzzles, word games, or Christmas, you should get this book. Not only will you get the answers to the three riddles above, you’ll also get 57 more riddles, all with answers and explanations.

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