Sunday, March 25, 2012

John Carter: great movie!

My wife and I saw John Carter at the Crossroads theater on Friday. We both thought it was an excellent movie. The special effects were great, action was great, right amount of humor. We'd love to see a sequel.

And, thankfully, there is no shaky cam, rapid zoom, or lens flare. Plus, the fight sequences are not chopped into quarter-second shots.

Unfortunately, John Carter isn't doing too well at the box office. We can't figure out why. There's no reason all the Star Wars fans wouldn't like this movie.

Anyway, if you like aliens, special effects, extraterrestrial vistas and cities, action, and cool sky ships, you should go see this movie!


  1. I also liked the movie. I didn't think that it was perfect but I did think that it was a lot of fun.

    Why is it not doing better at the box office? I would say that Disney has done one of the worst marketing campaigns that I have seen in years.

    To start with the drop the correct name: "John Carter of Mars" To just John Carter, which gives the potential audience no help. Then they don't tie in with the 100 year history of this story. Not one trailer said: From the creator of Tarzan.

    I could go on for hours about all the mistakes that Disney made. It's almost like the studio wanted this one to die.

  2. I think Eric hit the nail on the head. Disney totally dropped the ball in marketing this movie. The title is a major one, but their commercials weren't all that inspiring, and they failed to create any buzz. Almost like they want it to fail, as Eric says. It's gonna lose a fortune, unless word of mouth turns it into a late hit.

  3. Here is another fan trailer. Which would have sold the film sooooo much better than what Disney's trailers have.

  4. Interesting. I guess there's more than one of these, each pretty good. I tweeted a couple weeks ago, pointing people to, where a different fan trailer is linked.

    Eric seems to have the pulse of the marketing department; I don't remember *any* promos for John Carter (but I didn't watch the Superbowl, either). I'm sure I saw them, but no recall.

    I don't know if I want to reward Disney for screwing up. Maybe they decided they don't like Andrew after all?

    Thanks for sharing.

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