Thursday, August 26, 2010

Inspired by JA Konrath

I’ve been inspired to publish to Kindle, and to use a blog to record my efforts, by JA Konrath.

Konrath is a successful print and Kindle author. But, he has decided to concentrate on self-publishing on Kindle and other ereaders. Why? Because he’s making more money on Kindle than through print. He’s even rejected offers from print publishers in favor of Kindle.

His blog contains a wealth of specific information about his Kindle sales numbers, experiments in pricing, opinions on digital rights management, predictions about the publishing industry, and all sorts of other publishing topics. Really, it’s an invaluable read. It also has a vast and well-informed fan-base that make pointed and helpful comments.

Kindle readers download thousands of Konrath’s novels, and he’s making a better living through Kindle than his previous print publishing career. For example, in six weeks he earned $21,000 on Kindle sales. If he maintains that, it’s $182,000 yearly!

Now, I don’t expect to make anywhere near that amount. Konrath has more than a dozen ebooks on Amazon, and that gives him various benefits that he discusses on his blog. Starting out with only one book on Amazon, I’ll be happy to make a 1/100 of that (okay, maybe 2/100).

But, nobody ever said becoming a novelist was easy.

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