Monday, November 22, 2010

Dead Dwarves Don't Dance now available!

My first full length novel, Dead Dwarves Don't Dance, is now available for only $2.99!

It's an action-packed, hard-boiled science fiction novel of redemption and revenge.

Noose, a genetically engineered dwarf mercenary, is caught in an explosive terrorist attack on a neohuman dance club in Atlanta. Stumbling alone and injured out of the flaming carnage, he embarks on a relentless and violent pursuit of the perpetrators, determined to exact his own brand of 22nd-century vengeance.
The year is 2134. The nations of previous centuries are gone, consumed by the United Globe government. Citizens are confined to vast metroplexes while the rest of Earth is restored to wilderness.
Neohumans are grown in vats, each type genetically engineered to serve humanity – flawless pleasers for gratification and ecstasy, hulking goons for war and violence, accidental psykers wreaking havoc, and more of any shape and size imaginable.
Across the squalid underbelly of the Regional Atlanta Metroplex, through the desert wasteland of the not-so-pristine wilderness, and to the peerless towers of elite society, Noose’s brutal quest for vengeance leaves a wake of destruction and death.
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  1. Bought one! I was your purchase about an hour ago. I'm at 23% read now. So far, not bad. It's decent enough that even if I hadn't impulse-bought it to help another indie out, I'd probably have bought it after the 20% read. I'll put a review up on my blog and Amazon once I'm done reading it (which could take a bit longer than I'd like, because of the holiday).

    Congrats on getting it out there! Great job. =)

  2. Hi Derek,
    I'll wait for it to be available trhough Smashwords or B&N for I prefer epub format for my Nook ...


  3. Kevin, thanks a lot!
    SFReader, not sure when I'll have it ready for the Nook. Hopefully in a few weeks.

  4. I gave you five stars, Derek. It's a good book - not a "great" one or an "astounding" one, but good, solid writing that was fun to read and well worth the purchase. I gave you the five because I felt like anything else would be damning you with faint praise. ;) And besides, if I reserve 5 for the top 20% of everything written, you're in there for that anyway.

    A good novel, Derek. Best of luck with the rest of your stuff. Will get a more complete review up on my blog when I get home, but away right now with minimal net time. ;)

  5. Kevin, wow! That was a very nice review! Very well written, too. Thanks a lot! I was going for a fun read. :)

  6. I guess you'll have to change the banner at the top of your website. It still says "unpublished author's efforts".

  7. Good catch, Ed! Yes, I will have to change it to something. Maybe "Chronicling a self-published authors efforts in e-publishing"

  8. Hi Derek, any news on publishing at an alternate reseller ?

  9. Just finished last night, I loved it. Right up my alley. I was sure to leave a review. Keep in mind I am not a talented reviewer. I try to make sure and not gush to much, but I tend to only review things I actually and truly enjoy.

    As with almost every review system on the planet the star or number ratings are useless. It's always either 5 or 1 with everyone so we all get stuck doing it, haha.

    As an aside I can only recollect 3 typos, which is pretty damn good considering how many I see on high priced published stuff regularly. I bookmarked one and remember the area of another if interested.

    I bought the short story collection and can't wait to read it when I get home. GIVE ME MORE NOOSE!!! haha

  10. SFReader, unfortunately, day job and holiday commitments have prevented me from working on Smashwords/Nook version. I can't promise to get that done before Christmas. Alas. Rest assured, though, I'll get to it as soon as I can.

    Burritoclock, I'm glad you liked it! Yes, I'd love to know where the typos are. I'll fix them in my next republish. Joel was really good catching a lot of them, but I'll cut him some slack for only missing 3 typos out of 74,000 words. In fact, I might have introduced those typos after he edited it.

    Burrito, if you can think of any place that it would be good for me to advertise, please let me know!

    I appreciate any review! Reviews can really help me get new readers.

    Noose will return. ;)

  11. Burrito, just saw your review of the novel on Amazon. Thanks a lot! I think it was a great review that will really help sell some more books. If you want to send me an e-mail with your thoughts on the character's actions you mention, I'd love to hear them. Maybe I needed to give them more motivation for what they did. Your insight can help me do better in Noose's next criminal endeavor.