Monday, November 8, 2010

Writing/Editing update

Joel my editor has edited the first 52 chapters of Dead Dwarves Don’t Dance. The cost so far is about $885. Hopefully, I’ll be able to resolve his edits this week, and get the book published next week.

(UPDATE: Joel sent me the final edited chapters last night. Only thing left for me to do is resolve all his edits. I'm running about 15 minutes per chapter, so I've got about 14 hours more work to do. Looks like Dead Dwarves Don't Dance will be published next week!)
I’ve also been working on advertising banners. I’ve created 22 of them so far. I’ll post about them after I publish the novel.
Over the weekend, I also wrote Format Your eBook for Kindle, a new ebook based on my Step-by-by step Kindle ebook HTML formatting instructions blog post. I’ll be posting this up on Amazon soon.

And, finally, I recently started looking for an agent for my YA fantasy novel. If anyone knows of an agent looking for new authors, please let me know.


  1. Hi Derek,

    Good luck with the new novel. QueryTracker is a good resource for finding agents. It's $20 a year, but worth it, IMO. And YA is all the rage these days (I swear, half the author-agent deals they have listed on their site are YA books), so go for it!