Friday, April 22, 2011

Guest Post: Edward L. Cote

Ed was one of the first authors to join the Twelve Worlds project. His contribution to the anthology is a fantasy adventure short story called Iron in Shadow, which ties in to his upcoming debut novel.

Ed is where I was about July last year. Working to get his first novel polished and published. To get there, he could use a little help. I'll let him explain.

Here’s Ed:

Hello to all followers of Derek's fine blog. I'm Edward L. Cote, author of the not-so-short story "Iron in Shadow" in the Twelve Worlds anthology, which you have surely all purchased by now. I hope that you've enjoyed the stories. I thank you for supporting us and the charity Reading is Fundamental. I also want to thank Derek for all of his hard work and leadership on the project.

My first book is Violet Skies, a fantasy/YA novella and the first in a series also called Violet Skies. I plan to self publish it at the end of May. The story "Iron in Shadow" takes place in the same world as the books. Dibian features prominently in both and Kasper (aka "The Man With Too Many Names") will reappear in Book 4, maybe sooner.

Since you're accustomed to getting information in the form of charts and graphs, I will present my problem thusly:

I am raising funds on Kickstarter: for publishing expenses, chiefly a cover. If you're not familiar with Kickstarter, you can read their FAQ here: but basically, it's a site where people can raise funding for creative projects. You should check it out not just for my sake- there are many artists, inventors, and problem solvers doing some very clever things. Backers pledge funds and get specific rewards based on the amount pledged. Funding is all-or-nothing. Either a project meets its goal and is funded, or it does not, in which case no money changes hands.

In my case, I'm selling signed paperbacks for $10 each, including shipping, or PDFs for $5 each. As you can see from the chart, I have only one backer at the time that I'm writing this. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have started the project on a Monday, but I'll learn.

For more information, check out my blog: and if you have any questions or comments feel free to send me an email or leave a comment on my blog.

Thanks for your interest and support,
Edward L Cote


I’ve read some of Ed’s Violet Skies and I decided to contribute to his Kickstarter account. I’d love to see Ed get his work published. It has action and character development and a rich world in the making. Even if you are not into fantasy, I’d still suggest that you think about pledging $5 and help an aspiring author on his first step into publishing.


  1. Thanks again for helping out, Derek.

    It's interesting that you should mention a sort of cross-genre appeal, because that's something I had in mind while writing the books. They're short and easy to read, without dozens of characters or unpronounceable names. I think that many readers who aren't usually interested in fantasy will like Violet Skies, while fans of the genre will see its essential nature still intact.

  2. Ed, thanks for this post. A lot seems to be going on with your writing, as I also see from looking at your interesting blog. Just one point concerning when to start a launch. You know these authors who boast about getting in the NYT bestsellers list by selling books about... how to get on the NYT bestsellers list? Several of them state that the best time to launch a book, a project or anything else that you want to attract public attention is on a Tuesday. Thereafter the best days are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in that order. Don't ask me why.


  3. Well, it's down to the last 24 hours and it's not looking good, but hey, stranger things have happened, right?

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