Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I need your help: Amazon Tags for Dead Dwarves Don’t Dance

My experiment of lowering my price for my cyberpunk novels Dead Dwarves Don’t Dance is helping me sell more copies.
However, I have noticed that the Amazon tags for my novel aren’t very robust. Among other things, tags are used to help users find books related to the tag. So, if someone searches for “cyberpunk” on Amazon, the number of people who have tagged my book with “cyberpunk” will help me show up in the search results.
Alas, only 9 people have tagged my book with “cyberpunk”.
So, I’m asking you all for help. I’d really appreciate it if you would help me with the tags for my book.
Here’s how:
2.    On your computer keyboard, press the “T” key twice.
3.    In the Tag this product window, enter “cyberpunk” into the Your tags box.
4.    Click Save Tags.
That’s all!
Right now, I’m showing up as #24 in the search results for “cyberpunk”. I’d like to see how much lower in the list I can get. With your help, hopefully I can get into the top 10.
Thanks a lot!

P.S.: If you want, you can add other tags that you think are appropriate to the book.


  1. Tagged. Hope it helps you in the ways you want.

  2. Weird, it is not showing the tags. I know I did them when I originally reviewed, but was going to double check. I did pop over to DDDDEEDS and add some. I'll check it again later.

  3. Done. Looks like you're 11 now!

  4. Done, you're up to 21 now. If that still doesn't get the results you want, you might try joining the tagging thread on the Kindleboards. It takes a month or two but you could probably get that up around 100.

  5. Done! Grabbed a copy of DDDD as well. Good luck!

  6. Thanks for helping out, folks! I went from 9 "cyberpunk" tags to 21! I got up to #10 on the cyperpunk list and #13 on the "cyberpunk" search results page.
    But, the big news is that all the activity on my book page bumped my Kindle sales rank to #841 for a short time. Woot!
    Of course, don't stop now, keep tagging! Thanks!

  7. Derek,

    I cannot help you... I had DDDD already tagged as 'cyberpunk' and 'gritty.'


  8. Done. You are now up to 30 tags for cyberpunk.

  9. Tagged you way back when I first bought it in Dec. Cyberpunk, Hard Boiled, Hard Boiled Detective and High Tech.

  10. on my way to tag you up! thanks for the excellent explanation of how tags work, too. They've always been a mystery to me.