Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm mentioned in the Wall Street Journal

Reporter Jeffrey Trachtenberg called me a couple weeks ago for a short 15 minute interview. I actually survived the editor's scalpel and made it into his article: Secrets of Self-Publishing: Success.

Thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to be in your article, Jeff!


  1. Hey, now that's very cool. Going to check it now.

  2. That is very, very cool! Congratulations!

  3. "Then there are writers like Erik Kjerland. He has self-published four novels and one book about self-publishing in the past year under the pseudonym Derek J. Canyon."

    Say what?

  4. You are everywhere in the media! Weren't you in Der Spiegel earlier this year?

  5. Be sure to update your Amazon and B&N author's information. "As see in the Wall Street Journal.." or something like that.

    That will confirm to the people who saw the article that you are the same person.

    Just a thought.

  6. Agree with Eric. Great idea.
    Curious to see if there's a positive impact on your sales form the exposure.
    Here's hoping.

  7. Manley,

    DJC is my pen name. I figured Kjerland was too difficult to pronounce. ;)


    So far I’ve been mentioned in 3 big periodicals: the Huffington Post, Spiegel, and WSJ. Unfortunately, none of these mentions matched any spike in sales.


    Good idea! I’ll go do that!


    Unfortunately, I have not seen any spike in sales from these newspaper mentions.

  8. Wow! You are now officially famous!

    Artemis Hunt

  9. I woke up this morning wondering how long till DDDD2....

  10. Burritoclock, I will start working on DDDD2 in January. Probably publish around June.

  11. I'll add my congratulations, too, Derek.
    And similar to Burritoclock, I'm waiting for the EO sequel.
    Thanks for sharing.

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