Monday, January 16, 2012

Where Magic Reigns published!

I just released Where Magic Reigns, Book 2 of the Tales of Zura series for Amazon Kindle!

Now you can continue to follow the adventures of Kyle Morgan, Jürgen Schmidt, Susie Five Eagles, and Veeksha Das as they learn more about the magical alien races that abducted them in book 1.

Except now they aren’t on Earth any more. They have to survive on a hostile alien planet!

Book description

After their harrowing adventures in The Elemental Odyssey, four twelve-year-olds find themselves on a strange alien world. No grown-ups, no park rangers, no policemen, no soldiers. They are utterly alone and at the mercy of the furious perils that teem in the jungles of Zura.

As they flee across soaring islands in the sky, Kyle Morgan, Jürgen Schmidt, Susie Five Eagles, and Veeksha Das meet several different kinds of Zurans. But these aren’t the familiar and furry creatures that invaded Earth. These are scaly reptiles, small and large, but all hungry.

Unfortunately for the kids, on Zura humans are made out of food.

About 82,000 words or 366 pages.

Buy it on Amazon for $3.99.

Be sure to read the first book in the Tales of Zura series, The Elemental Odyssey, available at a discounted price, before reading Where Magic Reigns.

Praise for Tales of Zura Book 1 – The Elemental Odyssey

“YA Fantasy brims with Originality” – SD Beallis

“NOT a clone of the "standard YA story".” – Kevin O’ Mclaughlin

"such an awesome adventure book." – JMBrady’s 10-year-old son

“If you are a fan of YA fantasy, or you are looking for an alternative kind of fiction, I recommend Elemental Odyssey unreservedly. I'm looking forward to Book 2!” –TonyL

“The young adult fiction genre is a bit crowded of late, it’s nice that Canyon here has got a fresh take on it.” – Jerald Wegehenkel

“…i want to thank the writer Derek J. Canyon for writing a unique blend of magic and technology” – Amit


  1. Great covers! I'll have to check them out.

  2. I second that compliment. The new cover is great!
    I hope it sells well.

  3. Well done, Derek. It looks awesome!

  4. I'm thinking you meant 3.99 in the line linking to Amazon. I'd pay .399 in a heart beat!
    But I'll probably pay 3.99 so I can get it.
    Thanks, and best of luck.

  5. Tony, I did mean $3.99. Thanks for pointing that out!
    Thanks all!

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