Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More on NYT not counting self-published ebooks in their bestseller list

The Passive Voice has a great post about the disdain that NYT has for self-publishers.

You should go read it here.


  1. The New York Times hasn't been a "real" newspaper for quite some time; I wouldn't sweat this. Frustrating, yes. But give it time. Right now we are the pioneers of self-pubbing. In five years, maybe ten, we'll be the new rulers. The old guard doesn't understand the death-spasm it's going through so they're doing a troop surge and hoping that will hold back the advance of the new blood.

  2. Unbelievable. I'm a little bit speechless, especially after reading that Amanda Hocking was nowhere to be found on the NYT's list... Isn't she selling like 100,000 books a month these days?

    And to believe nobody buys the $0.99 books on Nook, that one's got me shaken, too.

  3. That's right, Brian. We may be the second wave, but we're pioneers of an entire industry's new (and more democratic) paradigm. There will be difficulties and dangers, but there always are.