Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Free ecopies of The Elemental Odyssey

I finally have my paperback up online and I think it’s time to start trying to promote my new book.

So, if you send me an email at derek@derekjcanyon.com and promise to review The Elemental Odyssey on Amazon and Smashwords, I’ll send you a coupon to get the ebook for free from Smashwords!

If you have a blog or website and review the book there, I’ll thank you in the acknowledgements section of the sequel.

Of course, if you want to buy the ebook (99 cents here) and/or paperback($14.99  here) and review it, it won’t hurt my feelings.

There are many fun and exciting things to do in South Dakota: hike the mountains, see the monuments, explore the caves, watch the wildlife. But what’s not on the travel brochures is getting abducted by magical aliens!
While vacationing at Mt. Rushmore, twelve-year-old Kyle Morgan and his new friends, Jurgen Schmidt, Susie Five Eagles, and Veeksha Das, are hauled on board a strange alien ship and forced to help the animal-like Zurans!
Whisked around the world on a perilous quest, the children solve riddles to find mystical elements for their fierce captors. Scheming against the aliens, the military, powerful elementals, and even each other, the kids must escape before the Zurans can complete their mysterious mission.
About 96,000 words, 396 pages


  1. I'm reading it now (yeah, I know I was one of the first to buy it but it's been a crazy couple of months). Sorry it's taken me so long. I like the various races and their attitudes. I love world-building and discovering new places and peoples, the more detailed the societies and peoples the better.

  2. I have the e-book on my Kindle, and am looking forward to getting to it. Also have DDDD on the Kindle. I probably will read that one first. I'll review both of them on Amazon!

  3. I just downloaded it now and will be sure to leave you a review when I'm done. I just started a blog (http://canuckbusiness.wordpress.com), and once it has a little more content and followers I'll try and review it there as well. Good luck!