Tuesday, December 6, 2011

November 2011 sales report

November was my 14th month selling ebooks. I have sold a total of 12,777 books and earned over $11,400 in royalties.

This month I sold 529 copies of 4 different titles. That’s a increase of 3% from October. My 6 months of decreasing sales has finally ended (or at least paused)! Whew!

My royalties also increased from $595 to $602.

 My average sales per day were 16.5 in October and 17.6 in November.


I sure am glad to see sales leveling off, finally. I expect December sales will increase at a good pace for numerous reasons:

1.            Standard holiday sales increases.

2.            Lots of new Kindle users thanks to reduced Kindle prices

3.            I’m publishing Where Magic Reigns in a couple weeks.

4.            I’m publishing three additional books in December (secret project, I’ll post about these later)

So, I figure December will be a good month for sales. I’ll be quite pleased if I hit the 1,000 sales mark for the month.


  1. Gotta love that holiday peak season.

    Especially with all of those Kindles going out the door.

  2. You've probably covered my questions in previous posts but is Amazon still your biggest route? How is B&N doing? Selling much in iStore or Sony?

  3. Hello. I purchased your ebook Amazon Formatting in an Hour. However, I can't get the template to work. I use Firefox. Do I need to use Internet Explorer instead?

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