Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Elemental Odyssey paperback now available!

And you can get it for $14.99 on Amazon!

Click here to buy it!

There are all sorts of fun and exciting things to do in South Dakota: hike the mountains, see the monuments, explore the caves, watch the wildlife. But what’s not on the travel brochures is getting abducted by magical aliens!

While vacationing in the Black Hills, twelve-year-old Kyle Morgan and his new friends, Susie, Veeksha, and Jurgen, are hauled on board a strange alien ship and forced to help the animal-like Zurans!

Whisked around the world on a perilous quest, the children solve riddles to find mystical elements for their fierce captors. Scheming against the aliens, military, powerful elementals, and even each other, the kids must escape before the Zurans can complete their mysterious mission.

396 pages

Cover art by Igor Kieryluk.


  1. Looks great, Derek! Did you use CreateSpace or another program? Did you do it yourself or hire it out? If you did it yourself, can you tell us about your experience working with the paper side?

  2. Awesome job Derek! Congrats, it looks great. It will be interesting to see if having a paper version increases sales of the e-book version.

  3. Congratulations, Derek! It looks great - perfect for YA.

    - Joel

  4. I used CreateSpace and did it all myself. It was pretty easy if you have some Photoshop ability. If you don't know Photoshop, it might be impossible.

  5. Sounds like I need to learn Photoshop!

  6. I used Create Space as well. I've been very happy with the results. They make it easy to do it yourself. Your book looks great and I bet it's a good read. Congratulations!
    M.J. Macie

  7. The book looks great, Derek. Awesome job! How did you feel when you opened up that box and saw YOUR book staring back at you?

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