Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm interviewed at Kindle Author!

David Wisehart over at Kindle Author was kind enough to interview me about my ebook Dead Dwarves Don't Dance and epublishing in general. He posts lots of interviews of all sorts of authors with different histories and different genres. If you're looking for insight into epublishin, or just a large sampling of ebook authors, you should definitely follow Kindle Author.

Read my interview here.

Thanks a lot, David, for giving me the opportunity!


  1. Really good interview, Derek. So, are you about 35 or so? Just asking...I'll be 31 in April.

  2. Manley, I'm 43 (chronologically). ;)

  3. Me too. I'm also 43...I think. Anyway, great news about the Kindle Author interview.


  4. Hey, Derek...have you (or any other posters out there) tried publishing your books on CreateSpace? I have made an account and gotten about half-way through, but I stopped when it started talking about making book covers a certain way and PDF margin sizes, etc.

    I'm just curious if it is a hard but worthwhile process or was it easy?

  5. Manley, I have not yet done anything with CreateSpace.

    Can anyone else answer Manley's question?

  6. Derek,

    I enjoyed reading the interview.

    Have you published only on Kindle? Are you on the Nook yet? (Just curious, I only have a K2.)

    And have you started writing your 2nd novel? ;)


  7. Congrats!!! That's really awesome :) Going over to read it :)

    The Arrival, on Amazon now!

  8. Congrats Derek! Every bit of publicity helps and that site seems to have a fair following.

    An E-Publisher's Manifesto

  9. wannabuy, I uploaded to Nook and Smashwords last week. Only 3 sales there so far.

    I have a YA action-adventure going to editing this week. The 2nd Noose novel is in the early outlining stage.

  10. Derek.

    Good to hear your expanding.
    More novels=more search hits (as you know from Konrath's blog).

    Good luck!

    I'm going to disappear for 4 to 14 days for a long work assignment. Keep up the writing.

  11. An interview on Kindle Author is a good step. Grats on that.