Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blade Runner franchise in development! just reported that Warner Bros and Alcon Entertainment are in final negotiations to acquire the film, television, and ancillary rights to the science fiction classic Blade Runner.
Hopefully, we’ll see some good movies come out of this in a few years.
But, at the very least, the new movies should instigate some interest in near future science fiction, including cyberpunk like my Dead Dwarves stories.


  1. Great movie. It always seemed strange that they released three or four different cuts but never made a sequel, TV series, etc, especially considering that Blade Runner has such a huge cult following. I'm hopeful, but skeptical. Hollywood doesn't treat anything with much reverence, including its own successes.

    At any rate, I hope it all turns well, and gives you a boost at the same time. You might find that by the time they get a new movie finished, you don't need the help anyway.

  2. Being that "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" is my absolute favorite science fiction novel, I hated "Blade Runner." It obliterates all the important parts of the novel to turn it into a ridiculous popcorn flick. Ugh.

  3. My head hurts from that comment Matt...

    Proud owner of the like $150 now useless HD-DVD suitcase version of Blade Runner!

  4. Ah, movies and books rarely play well together. Sure, I'd read the book, but I did like the movie. It had its own identity. I don't think there was any way they could have made it be the book just as the movie Dune was an impossible undertaking.

    BTW, Derek, I got that review posted on your formatting book and also got he blog post up on ms. prep in which I mention your book A LOT.

    Thanks for putting that format guide out.

    Best wishes,
    Joan Reeves

  5. I think it would have been quite simple to make Blade Runner actually good: add Mercerism, and Deckard's wife, and emphasize the fact that the whole fucking point of the story is that androids that sophisticated are human anyway-- that it isn't about how you came about but what you are. Blade Runner is nothing but a pretty looking action film rather than actually being a good story on top of it. And what the hell is with this "replicant" shit? Why do we need fancy words for androids? And what about the electric animals that were so important in the novel? The whole social structure is based on how live animals are so uncommon in the post-World War Terminus world, and people of lesser incomes get electric animals (such as the titular electric sheep) to pretend to have status. It's brilliant. But nooo, couldn't possibly even put a sheep in the film with an electric socket in its ass for 30 seconds of screen time. BAH HUMBUG

  6. In a world where David E. Kelly is remaking "Wonder Woman" and the reboots of "Superman" and "V" have all sucked atomc donkey balls, I shudder to think what horrible things they could do for the Blade Runner Franchise.

    Tough to be an optimist, but I will hold on to a shred of hope it's good.

  7. Wonder who they'll get to direct the new movies.

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