Monday, March 7, 2011

Cyberpunk self-pub author Gary A. Ballard interviewed on Android Dreamer

All you cyberpunk fans out there should check out the interview of Gary A. Ballard on Android Dreamer. Matt Heckler asks him a bunch of interesting questions and gets interesting answers.
Matt also reviews a lot of SF stuff, so you should check those out, too!


  1. Wow, thanks for the promo Derek! I'm going to read/review Dead Dwarves Don't Dance this month too. Maybe we can set up to have an interview later in the month eh?

  2. No problem, Matt. Us SF folks need to cross-promote and get the word out. You've got some real nice reviews up, and I think they are very helpful.

    Sure, whenever you'd like an interview, let me know. I should also interview you to get your take on the current state of SF in ebooks.