Thursday, March 24, 2011

German online periodical Spiegel mentions my blog

Back on March 3, my blog was mentioned in an online article in the German periodical Spiegel Online.
My blog hits spiked up to 1315.

Hopefully, this got me some new followers. I know of at least one, Ruby Barnes (another author jumping into the epublishing game). It does look like the blog views jumped up to a new average after the spike.
Spiegel linked to my very popular blog post: The Keys to ePublishing Success. This one post has 10 times as many views as all but one other post.


  1. Haha I love it. You've got a chart for that too! Kidding aside, it's cool to see the word spreading like that. What an exciting time.

  2. Well done you :) Gives you a nice buzz to be mentioned somewhere, doesn't it :)

    The Arrival, Book 1 of the BirthRight trilogy available now

  3. Two of my most popular posts, one was titled "Creep Creep Creep" and the other had "$$$" in the title :P


  4. Haha that is fantastic! Buzz is awesome.

  5. All it takes is one big website to link to yours to get this kind of traffic. Good stuff.

    Also, when you add tags to your post, Google webcrawlers don't like more than three words.

  6. Hey, I just noticed DDDD is #59 in scifi on Amazon (Kindle). Congrats!


  7. Hi Derek. Thanks for the mention and congrats on that traffic from Der Spiegel.

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