Monday, March 28, 2011

I’ve sold more than 1000 books this month!

As of about 6pm on 3/28 I’ve sold 1003 books this month. Woot!

That’s about $763 in royalties. I’m still in the red, but I should break even some time next month.
I’ll go into detail this weekend after I have the entire month’s data.


  1. Congrats!! It only took five months, which I think is a very short amount of time. Also, since this is for three books, it makes me wonder what it will look like in another five months. I'm at your November point, but only with one book. I'm hoping to change that soon.

    Keep up the good work, and keep posting how it goes.

  2. Big time Congrats. 1000 ebooks in a single month is a great accomplishment in such a short time. Nice job.

  3. Congratulations on the 1000, sounds great! Maybe someday, I'll figure out how to emulate a success
    story like yourself.

  4. That's a great accomplishment, and it's inspirational.

    (Word verification: "ally gral" Funny, since my daughter is Ally)

  5. Very cool, congratulations!

  6. I'm very happy for you, Derek. Given your success, it will be intesting to see what happens when you soonn publish The Elemental Odyssey.

    I did have a couple of questions if you don't mind.

    I see that your books are available on Smashwords. Is that Smashwords only, or did you buy the ISBN and get listed in their premium catalog (for Kobo, iBooks, etc.)?

    Did you do the formatting yourself for Smashwords? I've tried getting in touch with a couple of formatting services, but not received a response back ... thanks!

  7. Great news Derek ! Congratulations !

  8. This is awesome. Once you get tEO (have you come up with a good abbreviation yet? haha) out and then get the DDDD sequel out... well things are gonna be good for you.

    Well, and me, because I'll be able to read it!

  9. All, thanks!

    Shelia, if my sales hold steady at March’s rate for the rest of the year, and I don’t even release any more books, I’ll gross about $9000 in royalties for 2011. That’s my first full year of sales, so very good outlook, I think.

    The Desert Rocks, the secrets of my success are fully revealed in this blog. Short story: I’m not sure what results in success. Contributing factors are: LUCK, great cover, great editing, entertaining story, good blurb.

    PJ, I don’t have an ISBN for Smashwords and I’m not on Kobo, iBooks, etc. I’ve sold 1973 books so far, but only 4 on Smashwords and 12 on B&N. Smashwords formatting is the easiest to do, although it can result in some formatting oddities. Just follow their instructions and you’ll be good.

  10. Great job, Derek. All your hard work is paying off. You have great books and a great blog. You've earned it. Congratulations!

  11. Congratulations on joining the 1000/mo club. I guess Joe can add you to that list.

  12. Well done, Derek! Keep 'em coming.

  13. Congratulations, Derek! I wondered when it would happen.

    Finally, I used your book to format my first ebook, and it should be "live" on Kindle again in a couple of days (already uploaded a new version).

    The template was easy to alter to suit my needs, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Thanks for writing it.

    Write one for Smashwords and PubIt, and I'll buy them too!

    Joan Reeves

  14. That is really impressive. I've been watching your progress since the beginning of the year and know that you've worked hard to promote and increase the visibility of your ebooks.

    Did you do anything different in March to which you might attribute the sudden increase?

    Nice work!


  15. Derek, that's really awesome for you!

    I'm excited for your success :) Actually, Elemental Odyssey made me go back and start reading Mariel of Redwall... Those crazy critters!

    I'm so excited for the 12 Worlds to debut, also! Will you be posting updates on the sales for that, also?


  16. Joan, Smashwords already has a guide that I think does a good job to help you get your book formatted correctly. I probably will do one for Nook.

    J.Viser, yes, I lowered my novel from $2.99 to $.99. More than tripled sales for it in March.

    Shiy, yes, I'll have sales updates for 12 worlds. I'm keeping that separate from my other books though. Elemental Odyssey should be published by this time next week!

  17. Derek : regarding Elemental Odissey : Woot ! Will wait for one week more, with just small trepidations !

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