Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pricing experiment update: Amazon rank

Back on May 9th I raised the price of my book, Dead Dwarves Don’t Dance, back up to $2.99 after keeping it at 99 cents for a couple months.
While it was at 99 cents, it reached a best overall Amazon Kindle sales rank of #333.

It also got up to the top ten for a few lists:

#4 Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Genre Fiction > Science Fiction > High Tech
#8 Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Genre Fiction > Science Fiction > Adventure

#12 Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Genre Fiction > Science Fiction
Since I raised the price, my overall Amazon Kindle sales rank has worsened back to #1507, but it dips back into 900s frequently.

Sales continue to slowly decline and I’ll be interested to see when/if they level out again. In the meanwhile I’m still making more than double in royalties.
Stay tuned to see how it goes.

Other reports on the pricing experiment:


  1. That's a tricky balance to find. It's nice making more money, but getting a better ranking might pay dividends down the road. I'm curious, how do you find the various top ten list rankings?

  2. Jamie, go check out my book page for Dead Dwarves Don't Dance. Scroll down to Product Details and you'll see the rankings. Your book has to get into the top #100 before the sublists start showing up on your book page.

  3. Derek, I recommended your format book to a screenwriter friend today. He's just finished a how to on screenwriting and wants to epub it in addition to print copies.

    I just passed the 10,000 sales mark from the combined sales of my 3 ebooks, the first of which went live less than 2 months ago.

    I have to believe that the fast take-off on sales was because of the .99 pricing. The business model I created for myself calls for .99 for x number of books then on some books I'll price higher eventually.

    Bigger royalties are nice, but my track record is a testament to the power of low pricing. I'm hoping for enough momentum to increase book 2 of my series when I publish it.

    At the moment, I'm getting my 4th ebook, another .99 ready to pub this week.

    Best wishes,
    Joan Reeves

  4. From watching others, $0.99 seems to be your best bet. It may give you less royalties but, in exchange, you gain more exposure and sell more books.

    Don't get me wrong, I love your experiments! It's a very interesting take on ebook publishing.

    I think what you gain in exposure, hitting the top ten lists and selling more books will make up for what you lose in royalties.

    Best of luck!
    Angel Haze